Kart Tuning Keeper

A specialized application for keeping and analyzing tunings for racing karts. It will be useful for kart drivers during trainings and races.

The main functions of software are:

  • keeping kart tunings and results
  • displaying kart tunings and results in clear form
  • filtering saved tunings and results
  • navigating from result record to saved tuning
  • analyzing saved tunings and results using set of diagrams
  • printing training card for remote using

The main form for data entering consists of two panels for entering tunings and results. For one's turn tuning panel is divided into three parts: common, chassis and engine. Every part is used for entering data of its direction.

Main form

Result panel contains the main result parameters of trainings or races. They are time, rpm, speed and temperature. For editing result list use “Add” and “Delete” buttons. When new record appears enter known data. If editing is finished press button “Save” – tunings and results will be saved.

Result panel

Statistics tab show saved results in tabular format. For selection and sorting results use column headers. For filtering – use filter panel. When right mouse button is pressed on result record appears extra menu for navigating to tunings. This function is useful for searching tunings for best results.

Statistics tab

Diagrams tab is used for displaying results from statistics in graphic mode. Graphic mode is more comfortable for reading and analyzing data. There is the same form for filtering too.

Diagrams tab

If there is no opportunity for getting PC on track use extra option panel for printing training card. Training card is paper copy of main tuning form with tunings and results panels.